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Take part in the Mission: pest controllers 2020

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Instructions in brief

Between 4th and 13th July (inclusive)

  • Pick a leaf from a conker tree that is infected with leaf miners.
  • Seal it in a bag (a ziplock food bag is ideal), so even tiny insects cannot escape.
  • Keep it somewhere cool for two weeks.

Between 18th and 24th July

  • After two weeks, the insects inside will have hatched out.
  • Count the moths and the natural pest controllers, and send us your results. (Instructions for sending result will be available on 18th July.)

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Take part in ongoing recording of the leaf miner

You can record damage caused by the leaf-mining moth. We are especially interested in its spread northwards, so would love photographic records from north of the line from Newcastle to Lancaster.

As well as this website, you can use our LeafWatch app to take part in recording.

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