The missions

From 2010 to 2013, we ran three missions for anyone to take part in, and submit results. We produced a scientific paper to show the results of the first two missions.

The good news is that you can still download the instructions to have a go yourself even though we are not collecting the data. (These are ideal for school classes, but suitable for anyone.)

If you would like to contribute to the current recording project, please submit your record.

Mission: pest controllers

How long? 10 minutes at the beginning of July, 20 minutes in mid July. 
When? Part 1 in early July, part 2 in mid July (just before the end of term).
How? Collect leaves in zip-lock bags, see what has emerged two weeks later. Identify which insects are pest controllers.

Download fully illustrated instructions for Mission: pest controllers

Download the insect identification sheet [for anyone]

Download the parasitoid identification sheet [for people with microscopes]

Mission: alien moth survey

How long? A minute. 
When? Anytime from mid June to late autumn.
How? Make observations. Note what is under the tree (mown grass or something else).
Why? Does the amount of leaf damage depend on how long the moth has been present? Is the amount of leaf damage affected by whether the moths would have overwintered under the tree?

Download fully illustrated instructions to Mission: alien moths

Mission: bird attacks

How long? A few minutes. 
When? From July to mid September (especially after mid August).
How? Count the number of leaf mines that have been attacked by birds.
Why? Do the number of bird attacks vary between trees and between different places on a tree?

Download fully illustrated instructions to Mission: bird attacks